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Last Updated on January 5, 2023 by staff

It's easy for any DLT Friend to follow the reward trail... starting from the purchase on down.  It's easy to see who rewarded who and if the reward was even sent or not.  Staff and other concerned DLT Friends do continuous checks. Strict penalties will be applied for cheating and non-compliance.

-This is how "Staff Members" are compensated.

-You are not rewarding them for making a purchase. You are rewarding them for their services.

-These are those who excell in providing various necessary services to this site, who also excell in assisting our DLT Friends, and who excell in identifying and getting cheaters and abusers off the site and keeping them off.

Simply refresh your "Send a Reward" page for a "Purchase Proof" post of a **qualified** DLT Friend "other" than yours to appear as a link.

How to Finish Setting Up Your “Send a Reward” Post… Read More


“Send a Reward” link:

If no link appears above, then reward the “Bonus Cash Member” or “Staff Member” you see by click/tapping the link below:

Note: If you are viewing the “inactive” shortcode version of this post, but need to view the “active” version, then click/tap on the date directly above the post title.