World Tyranny is on the Horizon

The time has come for you to make a choice:

Do you want to have a government that is…

Of the People!
By the People!
For the People!

…and that has a constitution that upholds the God given rights and freedoms of “each and every” American citizen.

Or would you rather have a government that is…


… that will be very similar to China’s type of governing where  there are no freely elected national leaders, political opposition is suppressed, all religious activity is controlled by the government. Dissent is not permitted and any realistic individual rights and freedoms are non-existent. Especially if you are of the middle and working class.

There is a growing Globalist organization of very wealthy elites (Uniparty; Deep State) that is funded via many avenues but very heavily funded by major corporations (mainly Big Tech companies such as Google; Facebook; Apple; Microsoft; etc.. They are also heavily funded by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

They have been growing and making gains for over 50 years.

They are actually more like an empire because they have now become massively wealthy (especially because of the pandemic years) and are now a technological powerhouse.

They have conventions every year that are called the “World Economic Forum”. It’s headquartered in Davos, Switzerland. Three of their top billionaire loyalists are Klaus Schwab, George Soros and Bill Gates.

They have been embedding their tentacles among world leaders, among politicians, inside Federal, State, and local government departments and committees.

They are inside our militaries, inside high social circles (such as Hollywood, Silicon Valley) and among extremely wealthy corporate elites across the world.

They have been infiltrating our colleges for years and are now infecting our children in our public schools with their Globalist/Marxist ideology and their destructive agendas that have now become a huge threat to our individual rights and freedoms here in the USA (specifically if you are of the middle and working class).

I’m not trying to tell you what to think. You will be directed to a couple of websites at the end of this writing where you can make up your own mind. There you can view many of these same videos that I and thousands of others have already watched and have become extremely concerned.

This Globalists organization (Uniparty/Deep State) is working to install themselves as world rulers with a “Totalitarian” form of governing. Some say it is “Authoritarian” but it is almost exactly the same.

“Totalitarianism” is a form of government that attempts to assert total control over the lives of its citizens. It is characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through threats or by force. It does not permit individual freedom.
Neither does “Authoritarianism”.

Did you know that our U.S. Constitution was written to protect “you and me” (particularly the middle and working class) from “Totalitarian” rule  and other tyrannical forms of governing coming down on us from wealthy elites who simply want to keep you and your family down while they and their family gain more power, wealth and control.

The Globalist (Uniparty/Deep State) is now “VERY STRONG” among the Democrat party. It is not the same Democrat party we used to know some years ago. The Globalist also appear to have a foothold among some “compromised” “establishment” Republican leadership who will need to be rooted out in this next election cycle.

The Globalist are using an “arsenal” of very deceitful Marxist strategies to gain control:

1). They are taking over by force. Not by a military, but by force of their massive wealth being used to gain control of the political arena and the world economy.

It appears that the “Totalitarianism” they want to install is riding into the USA on the back of a Communist/Socialist (Marxist) movement .

***Marxist ideologies (communism / mass socialism etc.) are always introduced to the average citizens by very wealthy elites via the media outlets where they take control. The now control about 90% of mainstream media outlets.***

 They talk you into their Marxist ideas by making it sound like it’s going to be such a wonderful way of living for you… until you actually start living in it!

That’s when your new government starts to exercise “stricter” and “stricter” and “stricter” control over every aspect of your life (including your bank account).

Then you begin to realize that you are going under a either a Totalitarian/Authoritarian/Marxist/or Dictatorship form of governing that will be incredibly hard to change (if not impossible), especially without outside help because your individual rights and freedoms will become non-existent (ask any of the migrants who were forced to live under those forms of government but managed to escape to the U.S.A.).

You specifically lose your right to bear arms so you cannot defend yourself against this tyranny.***

2). The Globalist (Uniparty/Deep State) have been using the “messaging” that comes out of the mainstream media to aggressively push deceitful  propaganda to manipulate the thinking, emotions and behavior of the general public to further their Globalist/Marxist agenda.

This deceitful propaganda comes to us daily through talk show hosts, comedians, Hollywood celebrities, news outlets, the social media sites we visit, through our evening sitcoms, the movies and commercials we watch.

This is how they push fabricated accusations and blatant lies to  villainize their political opponents to persuade the general public to help persecute them.

They set up departments, boards and committees that they say is for silencing “disinformation”. But what it really does is silence any information that they deem to be harmful to their Totalitarian/Globalist/Marxist agenda.

3). They have been using their massive wealth to use, exaggerate and accelerate existing crisis situations or they get the general public emotionally engaged about a crisis that doesn’t really exist. They will also deceptively initiate crisis after crisis themselves. This is done to scare us into compliance and financially deplete the middle and working class. It’s also a strategy to keep everyone completely distracted from what they are really trying to accomplish. They also employ strategies to sabotage their political opponents.

4). They create strategies (using their massive wealth) to use, exaggerate and accelerate our existing social contentions or create new social contentions to further divide us from each other and cause us to hate each other to keep us from unifying against their “Totalitarian/Authoritarian” takeover (especially us in the middle and working class).

5). The name “World Economic Forum”  sounds very innocent and unassuming. But it appears that one of their main strategies is to attempt to take control of the world monetary system by creating a world wide cashless system using digital technology which they plan to completely control. Then control the world economy step by step.

If this Global organization (Uniparty/Deep State) gets much stronger in the USA:

1). you can kiss goodbye your voice and your vote in our American society…

2). you can kiss goodbye any meaningful entrepreneurship, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of religion (especially the freedom to practice your Christian faith. You will also be forced to obey laws that are completely against your religious beliefs), and you will lose the freedom to control your own destiny…

3). you “WILL NOT” enjoy the “right” to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

4). you “WILL NOT” be a free people! Especially if you are of the middle and working class.

This is exactly what Americans fought against at the founding of our country. Now we have to stand against it again!

But at this time we can do it without guns, swords and cannons but by using our existing Constitution (while we still have it) but the time we have is very short.

By the way, Globalist (Uniparty/Deep State) Democrats and some compromised Globalist Republicans are allowing millions of migrants from all over the world to freely enter our country. And now that the Trump era Title 42 Law is going to expire in May, migrants are going to be FLOODING into our communities like there is no tomorrow!

It’s clearly apparent that they plan to attempt to legalize voting nationwide for non-citizens. The legislation is already being introduced in many areas across the nation. Non-citizens are already being allowed to vote in local elections in several areas of our country.

It appears that Democrat Globalists are doing special favors for them to get their vote (practically treating them like celebrities in some cases, like putting them up in Five Star Hotels), giving them a phone, EBT food card, shelter, finding them work, and free basic medical care, giving them passes to get into good colleges.

These migrants will believe they are voting for the personal rights and freedoms that are enshrined in our Bill of Rights in our U.S. constitution, but they will actually be voting for the “tyranny” that they are running from that is in the countries they came out of!!!

So we need to start getting the truth out about the Globalist “Totalitarian/Marxist” agenda to non-citizens right now!!! And of course, to anyone who is uninformed!

Go to “Real America’s Voice” (RAV) website to learn more about the Globalist agenda and how we “can” beat them.

Go to:

You will find hundreds of videos full of very valuable information. You can also watch the free live TV programs on their website.  Real America’s Voice (RAV) also airs on a free internet channel(194).

You may also visit the website below where there are hand picked RAV videos that refer to the speeches from the “World Economic Forum”.


If this information and the videos have made an impact on you, please get involved by making copies of this letter and mail or hand them out to as many uninformed people as possible in your neighborhoods and in your churches so that they can make their own decision.

If you speak English and Spanish, please translate this information and hand it out to the Spanish speaking community.