7 Tier Rewards

1). You gather 10 others:  10

2). Those 10 gather 10 each:  100

3). Those 100 gather 10 each:  1,000

4). Those 1000 gather 10 each:  10,000

5). Those 10,000 gather 10 each:  100,000

6). Those 100,000 gather 10 each:  1,000,000

7). Those 1,000,000 gather 10 each:  10,000,000


–Now add up the total gathered on each tier: 11,111,110


OKAY… I’m definitely not trying to convince you that any one of us is going to wind up with 11,000,000 referrals under us who would be continually sending Cash Rewards our direction (though it is potentially possible).

But there is about 350,000,000 million people in the USA and if given some time and little effort, I would think most of us should be able to gather at least a handful each. Some a few and some quite a few.

And even if some of us don’t… we would still be able to cash in on some Refer a Friend Bonuses simply by being randomly chosen… and if we make a purchase every now and then from one of our listed businesses (we would have to make those same purchases somewhere anyway) we can receive some Bonus Cash and even some indirect 7 Tier Rewards by just being randomly chosen to receive it.



–Discover Local Treasure is not a “pyramid scheme” (scam).

–There is no fee required to join this site.

–DLT Friends are not required to recruit others in order to receive earnings.

–In order for any DLT Friend to earn any Refer a Friend Bonuses, Bonus Cash or 7 Tier Rewards, they must first have made at least one purchase from one of our listed businesses.

-However, by consistently referring others to this site and by making some regular purchases throughout the year for things you normally need or want, DLT Friends can greatly increase their earning potential. For more info (see “A Word From the Founder” in site menu).***