How to use DLT Friends Social

Below are some basic usages of DLT Friends Social as it pertains to our Rewards Plan:

For answers to any other questions about DLT Friends Social, go to Forums > Questions/Need Help (see site menu).


–When choosing a reviewer to refer you:

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How to post a Timeline Message to the reviewer:

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How to send a Timeline Message to a **qualified** DLT Friend who you sent a Reward:

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Timeline Messages:

–You can post a message to any DLT Friend of your choice via their Timeline. But remember, a Timeline posting will show up in the DLT Friends  Activity Stream for “all” to see. -Go to DLT Friends Social (in site menu) > DLT Friends Community Directory (find and click/tap the username of DLT Friend of choice, ) > Timeline (in DLT Social menu).-


Send Message Button:

–Also, you may send a private message via the “Send Message” button you see under each DLT Friends username in the DLT Friends Community Directory. =Go to DLT Friends Social (in site menu) > DLT Friends Community Directory-.

–Then find the username of the DLT Friend who you want to send a message > click/tap Send a Message >  click/tap the icon that looks like a square with a pen inside of it. 


DLT Friends Activity Stream:

–Any DLT Friend can search, view and comment to any activity going on in DLT Friends Activity Stream. –Go to DLT Friends Social (in site menu) > DLT Friends Activity Stream.


–You may use the DLT Friends Social features to communicate with business owners, employees, co-workers, friends, followers and any DLT Friend.

–You may post pictures and videos.

–You may also create different kinds of Groups and Subgroups and invite others.

–You may create private forums for your Group or with particular Group Members of your choice.

–Please do not be abusive with this privilege.

–Staff takes complaints of abusive behavior seriously.

–If you have an exceptionally good experience or impression of any product, service, owner or employee of any of our listed businesses… or exceptionally bad…

…we strongly encourage you send a “Share what’s on your mind” message to the DLT Friends Activity Stream for “all” to view and respond. Go to DLT Friends Social (in site menu) > DLT Friends Activity Stream.


How to send a “Share what’s on your mind” message:

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–You may communicate with others practically anything you want to communicate about (exceptions below):

–No harrassment of any kind.

–No hate or discrimination being shown toward toward other DLT Friends regarding political or religious affiliations, race or gender.

— We are all Friends here!🤗💕🤙



Improvements on the way…

–At the time of this writing, this site is in it’s early stages.

–We (along with our DLT Friends input) will continually make this site more user friendly, more automated, attractive, and work in a way that will bring all DLT Friends a more engaging and profitable experience.

Your input will bring improvements. Go to:

Forums > Tell Us What You Think (see site menu)