Earn Money

  • Give a rating/review to be randomly chosen to refer the customer and receive the Refer a Friend Bonus.


  • Make Purchases from our Listed Businesses to receive Bonus Cash and 7 Tier Rewards on Purchases you make. Big earning potential.


  • Bonus Cash and 7 Tier Rewards can be received multiples of times during a 3 MONTH period after each **qualified purchase** you make.”


What is Bonus Cash:

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What is 7 Tier Rewards:

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**What is a Qualified Purchase:**

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View your earning potential




  • A Purchaser will choose a Reviewer from the list of reviews for the business where the purchase will be made. A Reviewer is chosen to be the one who refers the Purchaser to the business.

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  • The chosen reviewer will receive the Refer a Friend Bonus.


  • The chosen reviewer will then randomly Reward one of their 7 “upline” DLT Friends who is **qualified** to receive it.

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  • This is done in appreciation to DLT Friends who make the purchases that brings the Refer a Friend Bonuses.


  • After submitting a “Qualified for Rewards” post, the Purchaser is then **qualified** to immediately begin receiving Bonus Cash and 7 Tier Rewards (see how to submit a “Qualified for Rewards” post below under “Getting Started”).


Do not hesitate to reward our DLT Friends who make the purchases!

This is big motivation that keeps those Refer a Friend Bonuses coming!



A Few Things To Note:

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What You Need To Create For Yourself:

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Your “Send A Reward” Post: 

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