A Word to Small Businesses

The thing I would like those of you who have small businesses to understand is that the very large businesses are also accepted in our directory to help us keep going and growing while our directory gets populated with more and more small businesses. Our DLT Friends are urged to choose a small business first for the things they need or would like to have. We would like to see everyone of you grow very large also if that is what you want.


The main idea for creating Discover Local Treasure is to have an online community for local small businesses and their customers. 


Where local small businesses can get to know each other, use each others services, refer each other, and as a result make some great rewards through the DLT rewards plan and most of all to help each other stay up and keep making a profit and…


also to have a satisfied and growing customer community who feel appreciated and motivated… being rewarded for their purchasing activity referring work.