…to the AMERICAN MIDDLE and WORKING CLASS!!!!! …ESPECIALLY to those of you who LOVE your FAITH, your FAMILY and your God Given Rights and Freedoms!!!!!!!!

It is no secret that China has WORLD DOMINATION ASPIRATIONS!!!… Marxist Communist China and Super Wealthy Elites are using their “World Economic Forums” and the “World Government Summits” to talk WORLD LEADERS and RICH CORPORATIONS into UNITING with their Global Agenda of installing a “WORLD GOVERNING POWER”.

They will use “WORLD WIDE CRISIS” as an “EXCUSE” to “PERMANENTLY” install a “Central World Wide Governing Authority” to “Introduce and Enforce” World Wide Laws and Regulations that will “TRAMPLE DOWN” our GOD GIVEN Individual Rights and Freedoms STEP BY STEP!!!!!

(crisis such as “Virus Pandemics, Climate Change, and a coming Major World Wide Cyber Attack that they are predicting will happen within the NEXT TWO YEARS!!!! (It’s strange how they would know that!). By the way, many scientists agree that Climate Change is not a “CRISIS” but these scientist continue to get censored.

MANY OF OUR TOP Political Leaders and Major Corporations are doing the bidding of the Marxist Globalists because Marxist China is making them very, very RICH!!!!!!!!!

In fact, an ALARMING LARGE NUMBER of “confessing” MARXISTS” have been elected into offices with the help of “MASSIVE” FUNDING by SUPER BILLIONAIRE George Soros who is one of the top Globalist Loyalists… Many others have been given positions inside our government departments during the Biden Administration.

OUR MOST PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITIES in the U.S. who are known to receive large donations FROM MARXIST COMMUNIST CHINA, have been FEEDING AMERICAN STUDENTS “Marxist Ideology” for years now.

The Biden Administration has made decisions in Foreign Affairs that has led to a BIZARRE DEVELOPMENT of LEADERS of countries (that have Totalitarian /Authoritarian /and Dictatorship forms of governing) to now start “JOINING HANDS” together with Marxist Communist China… countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, etc., etc. who were once bitter enemies to one or to the other!!!!!!!!!!

All these are NOW on the RISE and are using their “COMBINED” WEALTH and INFLUENCE… along with an “ARSENAL” of VERY DECEPTIVE STRATEGIES (socially, politically, economically, health, environmentally, and crisis), that they have been planning and perfecting for years, to “DISABLE US FINANCIALLY” and to “DISMANTLE” our U.S. Constitution and “KILL” our God Given Individual Rights and Freedoms as fast as they can. Our Individual Rights and Freedoms are our power!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT’S WHY our U.S. Constitution and and “THOSE OF US” who love our American God Given Rights and Freedoms  are being so villainized and persecuted by the GLOBALIST CONTROLLED Democrat Party and the lying, deeply corrupt GLOBALIST CONTROLLED Mainstream Media!!!!!!!

If these Global Marxists gain any more ground in the USA… YOU CAN KISS GOODBYE:

1). your voice and your vote… they want to make up your mind for you!!!

2). your freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of religious faith and practice, etc., etc., etc.

3). you will lose the freedom to control your own destiny…. you “WILL NOT” enjoy the “right” to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

4). you “WILL NOT” be a free people! Especially if you are of the middle and working class (I can’t state this enough).

This is exactly what Americans fought against at the founding of our country. NOW WE HAVE TO STAND UP AGAINST IT AGAIN!!!!!!!! …and at this time we still have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to back us up!  BUT WE HAVE TO INDIVIDUALLY STEP UP AND GET THIS INFORMATION OUT TO AS MANY FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS AS POSSIBLE BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTIONS!!!!!!!!

Visit the website below where there are hand picked video’s where you will hear the “PROOF” about what I’m telling you and it’s coming out of these Globalists own mouths.

I have many more things to warn you about, but I’ll have to let the video’s do the talking: