–URGENT– Super Rich Globalist “Elites” have gained alarming leverage in our branches of Gov. and over many State and and Federal depts and governing positions… being “strongly  supported” by Democrat Leaders and also by many “compromised” key Republicans. They are allied with major corporations. They control 90% of the Mainstream Media. They use it to deceive and indoctrinate the public and to villainize who love their Individual Rights and Freedoms! They are aggressively indoctrinating our kids in our public schools and colleges with their Global Marxist Ideology! This comes from years of heavy funding from George Soros (a top Globalist). Globalist Politicians are allowing massive numbers” of migrants from all over the world to enter our country which will ultimately cause a social/economic crisis for the middle and working class. All the “CONFESSING” Marxists (communists/socialists) operate under the Democrat Party tent with the blessing of Democrat leadership. So when Biden and the Globalist Mainstream Media say MAGA and conservatives are destroying democracy, you know they’re lying! Democrat Marxists are using Democracy to get in power so that they can “END” Democracy for the middle and working class!

Global Marxist “Elites” hold World Economic Forums and World Government Summits each year to persuade Politicians, and World Leaders. Five of their top Loyalists are Klaus Schwab(top spokesman), Bill Gates(Big Tech) and George Soros(funds politicians who push for destructive social/economic and Freedom Killing policies as part of their strategy to coerce the people to accept an Authoritarian government). Also John Kerry and Al Gore(top promoters of the Climate “Crisis” hoax). GLOBALISTS are using the Climate “Crisis” Hoax (and other world crisis) as a Power Grab to make the World Health Organization to be a governing authority to implement world-wide Freedom Killing laws. GLOBALISTS “true goal” is to take away Borders, form a New World Order,  and establish an Authoritarian World Government!

Globalists are using their combined wealth, power and influence to control the Political Arena  and manipulate World Events. They are using an arsenal of highly deceptive strategies to… Cripple our SOCIETY and ECONOMY; to Critically Weaken our NATION; to Dismantle our CONSTITUTION; to Nullify our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS and FREEDOMS… as Fast as They Can! —If These Global Marxists Gain any more Ground in the USA… -You can “Kiss Goodbye” your voice and your vote… -You can “Kiss Goodbye” your freedom of religious faith and practice, etc… -You “Will Lose” the freedom to lead your own life…. -You “Will Not” enjoy the “right” to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… -You “Will Not” be a Free People!