THE FOUNDERS of our Country designed our Constitution to protect the COMMON PEOPLE (you and me) from going under AUTHORITARIAN RULE of the SUPER RICH.     –Our Constitution grants certain RIGHTS and FREEDOMS to you and me that the Super Rich cannot legally overstep!     –This was because the FOUNDERS of OUR COUNTRY “themselves” fled to America to escape the AUTHORITARIAN RULE of the SUPER RICH ROYAL “ELITES” of ENGLAND.    –BUT NOW we face the same kind of THREAT but to a MUCH GREATER DEGREE!!!

CERTAIN SUPER RICH “ELITES” (GLOBALISTS) have banned together and have been holding yearly Conventions for the last 50 years for purpose of persuading WORLD LEADERS, POLITICIANS and MAJOR CORPORATIONS to join them in a WORLD-WIDE GLOBAL MARXIST (communist/socialist) MOVEMENT.   –An ALARMING LARGE NUMBER of politicians  who push MARXISTS policies IDENTIFY AS DEMOCRATS (some “compromised” key Republicans also support Global Marxism) and have been PUT INTO POSITIONS of control throughout our COUNTRY and in our schools, in every Branch of GOV. and GOV. DEPTS, including our MILITARY and JUSTICE SYSTEM through years of “HEAVY FUNDING” from BILLIONAIRE GEORGE SOROS (a top Globalist).     –MARXISTS have !!!MAJOR!!! INFLUENCE over the DEMOCRAT PARTY.  THEY ALSO CONTROL OVER 90% of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA!    –They aggressively push what they want us to believe and don’t tell us what they don’t want us to know!!!     –They want you to believe that FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS are a THREAT TO DEMOCRACY!!! MARXISTS are using our DEMOCRACY to get elected to DESTROY OUR DEMOCRACY!!! UNDERSTAND… Individual Rights and Freedoms are not compatible with a Marxist Society.    –TOP GLOBALISTS are using their MASSIVE WEALTH and INFLUENCE… along with an ARSENAL of VERY DECEPTIVE STRATEGIES (that Marxists have been planning for years) to DESTABILIZE our SOCIETY and ECONOMY, to CRITICALLY WEAKEN our NATION, and to CRUSH our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS and FREEDOMS… as FAST as THEY CAN!!!     –IF THESE GLOBAL MARXISTS GAIN any more GROUND in the USA… -You can kiss goodbye your voice and your vote… -You can kiss goodbye your freedom of religious faith and practice, etc., etc… -You “WILL LOSE” the freedom to lead your own life…. -You “WILL NOT” enjoy the “right” to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… -You “WILL NOT” be a FREE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!