“THE FOUNDERS OF OUR COUNTRY” made it clear in our U.S. Constitution that the GOD GIVEN RIGHTS & FREEDOMS of the COMMON PEOPLE were to be RESPECTED & PROTECTED! THIS WAS TO KEEP YOU & ME from going under TYRANNICAL RULE of the SUPER RICH! BECAUSE the FOUNDERS “themselves” FLED to AMERICA to escape BRITISH TYRANNY! ***BUT NOW WE FACE A MUCH BIGGER THREAT!*** SUPER RICH GLOBALIST ELITES from the U.S., CHINA & MULTIPLE NATIONS have been aggressively involved in YEARLY CONVENTIONS persuading WORLD LEADERS, POLITICIANS & those of WEALTH & INFLUENCE to join what they call THE GREAT RESET! They want NO BORDERS and a GLOBAL MARXIST GOVERNMENT! IT’S NO COINCIDENCE that BIDEN is allowing MILLIONS” OF MIGRANTS to “FREELY” SPILL through our borders to replace the American WORKING CLASS for cheaper labor & help the DEMOCRAT ELITES turn us into a MARXIST SOCIETY! He is also giving the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (led by Globalists) the AUTHORITY to FORCE freedom-killing MANDATES in the U.S.! FIVE OF THEIR TOP LOYALISTS are Klaus Schwab (author of communistic “Stakeholder Capitalism”), George Soros (funds politicians & organizations who push Marxist “woke” policies). Also Bill Gates (Big Tech), John Kerry and Al Gore (top promoters of the Climate Crisis: a power-grabbing GLOBALIST HOAX to FORCE world-wide FREEDOM-KILLING mandates!) GLOBALISTS CONTROL 90% of EVERYTHING that comes through the TV, Radio, Internet, newspapers! They know how GULLIBLE we are, so they DECEPTIVELY use the MEDIA  to STEER our THINKING, EMOTIONS & ACTIONS. They want you to believe that MAGA REPUBLICANS & DONALD TRUMP are VILLAINS & a THREAT to DEMOCRACY! …”SUPPORTERS OF MARXISM” are the TRUE VILLAINS & THREAT! Because “ALL” the MARXIST WOKE Politicians & Organizations (communists/socialists) operate with the absolute “FULL SUPPORT” of the DEMOCRATS in POWER! …  who also ENFORCE the Marxist policies! UNDERSTAND!… For a MARXIST SOCIETY to FUNCTION it requires AUTHORITARIANISM & DICTATORSHIP! Marxist policies are “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” because they VIOLATE our RIGHTS & FREEDOMS! TRUMP as President will INITIATE ACTION to KILL those POLICIES! MARXISTS USE our DEMOCRACY (and the media) to get in POWER so they can TAKE AWAY our DEMOCRACY! ALARMING NUMBERS of Politicians & Organizations are pushing MARXIST WOKE POLICIES (such as DEI; a racist communist policy) and are IDENTIFYING as DEMOCRATS! … and a disturbing number of “compromised” REPUBLICANS are GIVING IN to those policies (this is the UNIPARTY)! THEY ARE IN our STATE & FEDERAL GOV. throughout our COUNTRY (and over our SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES that are now FULL of GLOBALIST DECEPTION) from YEARS of HEAVY FUNDING from billionaire GEORGE SOROS (a top Globalist)! THESE are the DEEP STATE who are VICIOUSLY WEAPONIZING the JUSTICE DEPT. against DONALD TRUMP & MAGA REPUBLICANS who “STRONGLY” OPPOSE MARXISM & are FIGHTING to SAVE our RIGHTS & FREEDOMS! ***GLOBALISTS are using their MASSIVE WEALTH, INFLUENCE & an arsenal of DECEPTIVE STRATEGIES …to CONTROL the political arena to DESTABILIZE our SOCIETY & ECONOMY, to CRITICALLY WEAKEN our NATION to DISMANTLE our CONSTITUTION & BILL of RIGHTS! ***IF THESE DEMOCRATS (Marxists) stay in power: You can KISS GOODBYE your voice & your voteYou can KISS GOODBYE your religious freedomsYou WILL LOSE the freedom to lead your own life…. You WILL NOT enjoy the RIGHT to life, liberty & the pursuit of happinessYou WILL NOT be a FREE PEOPLE!!! WE WIN by EXPOSING the GLOBALISTS to “EVERYONE”!!!  PROOF: