Our Constitution

Our U.S. Constitution was designed by our forefathers to give “WE THE PEOPLE” (all citizens) the same rights and freedoms that the super rich “so called” ELITES enjoy. These are rights and freedoms that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

This was done so that the common people could have negotiating power against the tyranny of super wealthy “ELITES”.

This is because the creators of our Constitution “themselves” fled to America to to escape the “Authoritarian” rule of the super rich ELITES of England.

The problem is that the super rich are always trying to play tricks on the common people to become more rich and powerful. The most common way is to suppress how much money and opportunity is allowed for the common people… which brings  more money and power to the super rich.

So the greedy and powerful rich played a trick on the common people and created a thing called “lobbying”. This is nothing more than “legal bribery”.

This is where the super rich will offer  funds (or other benefits) to the representatives of the common people in exchange that the representative works more in favor of the of the rich than for the common people…

…and “WE THE COMMON PEOPLE” have been electing representatives who have been playing us for suckers for years!!!! Or we just do not get involved in the election process at all!!!!!!!!

NOW THE TOP 1% of  SUPER RICH of the WORLD ARE RISING UP with  “TRICK” to COMPLETELY take away our NEGOTIATING POWER which is our INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS (aka. Globalists, the Global Society).

They have been doing this by using their combined wealth and power to convince world leaders, U.S. politicians and major corporations to join them to bring about world wide Marxism (Communism/Socialism). They have been planning this for years. They call it the GREAT RESET!!!! They have taken advantage of dismal world conditions caused by the COVID 19 pandemic to begin aggressively pushing it.

They operate under the disguise of “doing what is BEST for humanity”. But Globalists TRUE AGENDA is to have WORLDWIDE AUTHORITARIAN MARXIST TYPE CONTROL over the common people.

Communism/Socialism is a trick being played on us by the SUPER WEALTHY to get us to exchange our GOD GIVEN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS for government handouts and government control!!!!!!

And the U.S is being seriously infected with it since COVID 19 hit and the Democrats came into power.

Understand!!!! …Individual Rights and Freedoms are not compatible with a Marxist (Communist/Socialist) style society. For a Marxist society to function, it requires
Totalitarianism/Authoritarianism and/or Dictatorship!!!!!

And where the vast majority of the population live in a poor quality of life!!!!

That’s why DONALD TRUMP ran for President to preserve our rights and freedoms and bring a better quality of life to U.S. citizens.

This is exactly what was happening under his Presidency until (SUSPICIOUSLY) COVID 19 HIT!!!!!!

If he would’ve been allowed to be President for four more years manufacturing, technology, energy, construction, and all other types of employment would have been at an all time highs for years to come.