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--If you are positioned among the first 7 Tiers of the matrix, you will not have a complete upline of 7 DLT Friends to reward.

--Therefore, you will also see "Purchase Proof" posts of DLT Friends who qualify for "Bonus Cash" also randomly appearing to be rewarded.

--You will also see "Staff Member" posts appearing to be rewarded.

--DLT Friends are qualified for a 3 month period upon submitting a “Purchase Proof" post for a purchase they make from one of our listed business that results in the chosen Reviewer receiving a Refer a Reward.

--This applies to each purchase they make from our listed businesses that are offering a Refer a Friend Bonus at the time of purchase.

--It is not permitted for DLT Friends to reward themselves. They must choose a qualified DLT Friend other than themselves.

--When a "Staff Members" post appears when click/tapping the "Send a Reward" link below, reward them.

--"Staff Members" posts are exempt from being required to show "Proof of Purchase".

--This is how "Staff Members" are compensated. These are those who excell in providing various necessary services to the site, who excell assisting our DLT Friends, and who excell in identifying and getting cheaters and abusers off the site and keeping them off.

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“Send a Reward” link:


Note: If you are viewing the “inactive” shortcode version of this post, but need to view the “active” version, then click/tap on the date directly above the post title.

garydh0001-Staff Member

Please reward this Staff Member.

You will not see a purchase receipt.

You are rewarding this Staff Member for their service to this site and for their assistance to our DLT Friends… not for making a purchase.