“Purchase Proof” post Instructions:

“Purchase Proof” post Instructions: In the title box: …type in: “your username-Purchase Proof”. *** *** In the content box: …type in: Reviewer who referred me: “username of reviewer”. …add a clear screenshot or picture of the purchase receipt: *** In the “Tags” box, add your username as a tag. *** *** In the “Categories” box, choose “Bonus Cash” category. *** *** Do not change anything in the Post Expirator settings. They are already pre-set for your post. *** *** If you need to leave and come back to your post, change the “Edit Status” from “Draft” to “In Progress – Author”. *** *** When you’re ready to have it published, change the “Edit Status” to “Pending Review”. *** *** Your post must be reviewed and published by a Staff Member. ***